This is a specialist room with different uses and environments for example - A Swim Centre Sauna has a different set of requirements than that of a Gym or Hotel.


The experience is gained by building these rooms and of course learning along the way and with many many years under our belt, we have come across all of these requirements and issues.  We know, like no other Sauna provider, how to create these rooms and provide the equipment best suited for your commercial fit out.


By contracting us, you will get the years of knowledge gained in this industry which in most cases will

  • Save the rooms from excessive wear and tear
  • Save on electrical costs
  • Be efficient and sustainable

We have New Zealand's largest range of Commercial Sauna Stoves and equipment and a FULL SHOWROOM.


The days of just getting a builder in to do the job are well are truly over as today's Health & Safety, Public Liability and Retention clauses are a minefield for the inexperienced.


In the long term:

We GUARANTEE that we WILL SAVE YOU MONEY in running costs and maximise your rooms life.


If you are involved in a Commercial Project, we encourage you to contact us to discuss, or come and visit NZ's only Commercial SAUNA/STEAM showroom.


The life of a Commercial Sauna and Steam room is a hard one with many of these running 15hr + per day 7 days a week.

We offer a FULL SERVICE Centre and carry parts for many major brands. We provide replacement parts, in-life product servicing, and/or a repair.