Health Benefits


Weight Loss
Sweating is part of the complex thermoregulatory process involving substantial increase in the heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate that consumes considerable energy. A single sauna session will enable your body to sweat up to 1,000 calories.Although you rehydrate after sauna the calories you burn would equate to running up to ten kms.

Sauna will assist in dissolving old, hard, stuck on fat deposits under the skin and assist in removing the gel like lumps of fat and water trapped in pockets beneath the skin through profuse sweating. This will greatly improve any anti-cellulite program.


Skin Care

Undoubtedly sauna is one of the best ways to deep cleanse the skin because it helps flush out toxins that cause our skin to appear dull and devitalised

Regular saunas improve circulation and the natural exfoliation process which in turn encourages a healthy flow of nutrients to the skin, resulting in a younger,clearer, healthier complexion.


Reduced Stress and Fatigue

High daily stress levels put a constant strain on the body's nervous system. Many studies have documented the negative effect prolonged stress can have on our overall health and wellness.

Scientific studies have shown that people who go to saunas at least twice a week for 10 - 30 mins are less stressed after work than others with similar jobs who do not go to saunas.

Sauna therapy is natural for stress relief reducing physiological and mental/emotional stress. The most immediate and noticeable effect is tremendous relaxation; it alone can have a profound impact on your health  


Cardiovascular Exercise

While in a sauna the body absorbs considerable heat. Your body then increases sweat production to cool itself, it does this by making the heart pump harder and faster to move blood to the surface for cooling. Your heart rate may increase from 72 beats per minute on an average to 100 - 150 beats per minute to boost circulation. This has the same effect as continuous cardiovascular exercise.

Muscle and Joint Pain
Relaxes and loosens muscle tissue, reducing the daily build up of tension and increasing muscle flexibility by as much as 10 percent. Increased circulation means oxygen to aching muscles and joints.




Improved Immune System
Sauna creates a fever reaction which can kill viruses and bacteria, improve white blood cells helping the immune system to fight off everthing from a cold to cancer. The increased sweating combined with the removing of toxins and wastes improves your overall health and your resistance to disease is heightened.

(Please Note: Sauna is not recommended for those suffering from pneumonia or other acute respiratory conditions)




•Drink liquids prior to and after your session. Water works well, use the best quality available to you. 


•Eating a piece of fruit is help full to replace potassium, there is more than 25mg in a tablespoon of orange juice, magnesium is replaceable through green leafy vegetables or supplementation. 


•Having a shower or bath prior to your sauna session may help you to sweat more. 


•Wear little or nothing in the sauna, a towel wrapped around you is more than enough. The more you wear the less effective the heat treatment will be. 


•At the first sign of a cold or flu, increase your sauna session with eucalyptus oil boosting your immune system and decreasing the reproductive rate of the virus. 


•Move any area that you wish to acheive a specific deep heating treament as comfortalby close to the stove as possible ie: feet and ankles.