Our Products


We source our stoves from all over the world and are agents for two of the world's best known Sauna and Steam brand's SAWO  Finland and  TYLO  Sweden.  

Our exclusive range includes the following;


FIBERJUNGLE                        THE KIWI                                          SCANFIRE


                                  HEATERKING SERIES


Their exclusive range of stoves include the COMBI (combination wet and dry sauna) and the TYLARIUM (full sauna and steam within the same room) have set the standard in the ultimate experience.


Tylo Sense Combi with H2 Control panel


Tylo Sense Plus with H1 Control panel



                 TAURUS 9kw - 36kw


                   SAWO21 WOODBURNER

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We supply a range of DOMESTIC and COMMERCIAL Steam units for any Steam Room.  Having provided New Zealanders these units for over 28 years, we can guarantee our products are matched to your requirements, and offer a full range of expertise for your room designers, plumbers and electricians.


SAWO Finland STP 3 - 15kw Steam Generator



These are also available with Aroma Pump and OnDemand Button




Tylo VA and VB Steam Generator


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New Zealand Sauna offer a full range of accessories;

  • Bucket & Ladle
  • Sandtimer
  • Hygometer
  • Thermometer
  • Fragrance
  • Sauna Stones

These can be purchased individually or as a set.

We also stock novelty items i.e.

  • Baths Sheets
  • Towels
  • Slippers
  • Unisex Robe
  • Bottle opener


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Timbers We Use

Because New Zealand timbers are so young they are not able to be used for building saunas as they tend to dry out and splinter.  Timbers from the Arctic circle are much older and can withstand the high temperatures that Saunas require.  We have built Saunas in Larch, Teak, Aspen, Hemlock, Abachi and Yellow Cedar, but mainly use Canadian Red Cedar and Swedish Spruce.

Canadian Red Cedar Characteristics -  

It has a unique ability to resist taking on outside odours, but always emits its own unique aroma. Cedar has long been the wood of choice due to its ability to withstand harsh climates and its resistance to decay. It is a dark wood which leans towards a red and gold colouring.

Swedish Spruce Characteristics –

This is a light coloured, fine-grained wood with knots that give it a characteristic look. This wood is traditionally used in Saunas and is lighter in appearance than some other woods. It does not produce much resin and therefore will not darken with time. It is a sound choice if you want quality at a price similar to Cedar.

Aspen Characteristics –

Aspen wood is white and soft which is cool to touch and has low flammability. It is a beautiful elegant timber and used for high end Domestic Sauna. The selected SAWO Aspen does not have any visible knots.




Having been in business for over 28 years, we have sourced products from all over the world and are the NZ Agents for the worlds fastest growing brand of Sauna and Steam units i.e.SAWO Finland. Check out the following for more info: